David Walker, Solicitor and Founder of Grid Law Solicitors

David Walker, Solicitor and Founder of Grid Law Solicitors

Hi! I’m David Walker, a solicitor and founder of Grid Law Solicitors.

For the last 10 years, since starting Grid Law, I’ve been “breaking the mould” when it comes to how people engage with solicitors and take legal advice for their business.

I was one of the first solicitors to offer fixed fees for commercial work and “no win, no fee” arrangements for commercial disputes. Now it’s time for the most radical change of all …

Let me explain …

Today, most small business owners try to resolve their legal problems themselves by searching for a solution online. Turning to a solicitor is seen as a last resort and large sections of the legal profession are up in arms about this. They think they’re going to be forced out of business after being replaced by technology and the increasing number of template libraries you can turn to.

Well, if they think like that, they probably will be out of business!

My view is different.

If people are looking for an alternative to expert legal advice, there must be something wrong with the system. So, instead of complaining, let’s fix this!

The Legal Services Board has commissioned detailed research into the legal needs of small businesses. The results aren’t surprising – there is a strong need for expert legal advice but it’s generally felt like it’s not cost effective to take it. There’s also a feeling that lawyers over complicate matters and are too slow to take action.

I fully appreciate this having sat on both sides of the desk and it’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

Talk is cheap. If you go to almost any solicitor’s website they will say they provide exceptional customer service, value for money and that they really understand your needs. But the research doesn’t support this as being true.

So why am I any different?

First of all, I’m very specific about who I work with and who I can help. I used to think I could help everyone but I soon learnt that wasn’t possible.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I would love to help everyone, but I now accept that this isn’t realistic and working with some clients isn’t a good match.

So, who do I work with?

Putting aside my sports clients, there are two distinct types of client I work with.

The first are entrepreneurs and ambitious business owners. Usually, they are running established businesses or well funded start-ups. They are very clear about the direction they are heading, they don’t make excuses, they know what advice they need and value the advice given (even if it’s not what they want to hear!).

We usually have a long term relationship so when there are problems, calling me is not the last resort. I get to know these business, which means I can offer a solution that is tailored specifically for them.

The second group of people I work with are usually in the early start-up phase or running more of a “lifestyle” business. They have passion and excitement about their business that is contagious. I love working with these business owners but in the past there has always been the frustration of having limited budgets for legal matters.

However, I’m on a mission to solve this problem through the creation of a suite of products aimed at solving the most pressing legal needs for small business owners.

The first product is the Brand Protection Toolkit. As the name suggests, this will contain everything you need to protect one of your most valuable assets – your brand. You can find out more about it here.

If you have any other legal issues in your business and you fit the description of someone who would like to work with me, then I would be delighted to hear from you.

All the best




"David is an excellent provider of legal services offering sound and timely advice. He has an easy going manner and is a pleasure to work with"

− Geoff Bell - Director, SaxonKing Limited

"David's advice is always clear, concise, timely and couched in easy to understand terms"

− Rick Smith - Event Director, Rallye Dorset

"David's ability to explain complex areas of law in layman's terms makes him a pleasure to work with"

− Keith McGregor - Director, Strawberrysoup Limited