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Are contrapreneurs breaking the law?

Are the contrapreneurs actually breaking the law?

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In my previous article, “In defence of the contrapreneurs”, I looked at the dangers of the contrapreneur exposé videos. I highlighted the fact that some of the business celebrities trying to bring these contrapreneurs to justice were distributing just as much false and misleading information as the contrapreneurs themselves.

I have another issue with them too.

Many of the exposé videos I have seen are so focused on their moral quest that they fail to answer two very important questions:

  1. Are these contrapreneurs actually breaking the law? And
  2. If they are, what can you do about it?

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In defence of the contrapreneurs

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Like many people, my LinkedIn feed seems to be full people claiming to be experts in a whole host of subjects. When I watch YouTube, every other ad seems to be from these self-proclaimed “experts” telling me how easy it is to make money and become a millionaire by following their simple formula.

Most of the time I keep on scrolling, but occasionally, something catches my eye. When I stop and look it’s shocking to see the techniques they’re using to lure people to their events, sell their courses and convince them to join their mastermind groups. Read More

The Royal Courts of Justice, London. The Law Courts, The Royal Courts of Justice houses the High Court and Court of Appeal of England and Wales.

Case Study: Silence does not amount to acceptance of an offer so no legally binding contract was in place

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This is a case study of a contractual dispute in which I was representing the claimant, John. The facts are true but names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.


An offer must be formally accepted before a legally binding contract can exist. Offers cannot be accepted by silence. If you do not have a legally binding contract and a dispute arises, you are unlikely to be able to reclaim any money owed to you. Read More

how to terminate a contract without being sued

How to terminate a contract without being sued

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When you enter into a contract with a client, you’re entering into a legally binding agreement. In an ideal world, the contract will run its natural course and come to an end when, for example, the project is complete and you’ve been paid.

However, sometimes circumstances change and you may want to terminate the contract early. So, if you want to avoid being sued for breach of contract, you must do this legally. Read More