Standard terms & conditions of business

Almost all businesses can benefit from using standard terms and conditions of business:

  • They give your clients clarity about what to expect when they work with you;
  • They can include details of the products or services you’re providing;
  • They include your payment terms and the consequences of not paying on time;
  • They can reduce the risk of doing business by limiting your liability if things go wrong; and
  • They can free up vast amounts of time and save you money because you don’t need to prepare a bespoke contract for every client or new piece of work.

For an e-commerce business, terms and conditions are essential. With no direct contact with your customers, they are the only way to form a legally binding contract and ensure you comply with the law.

If you need new terms and conditions prepared or if you would like to check that your existing terms and conditions are still up to date, please Contact Us for a no-obligation discussion.

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